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For all your pet loving needs.
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 General Rules

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General Rules Empty
PostSubject: General Rules   General Rules I_icon_minitimeFri May 15, 2009 10:19 am

General Rules

1 ) There is to be no Salnderous, Defamatory, Discriminative or Sexually orientated posts
any of the sort will be deleted, archieved and reported, resulting in an IP ban and a report to higher authorities.

2 ) There is to be no Religious, Ethinic and Heated debates
- Keep your thoughts to yourself unless revolved around a topic of non offensive interest.
any of the sort will be classed as breaking rule '1)'

3 ) There is to be no off topic posts, keep to the correct forums.
any off topic posts will be deleted and a warning issued.

4 ) There is to be no Spam what so ever.
any of the sort will be deleted and a warning issued.

5 ) Respect for members and staff is Obligatory
if you have a problem with our staff or a member, please report it to an administrator.

6 ) There is to be no 'power exploitation' or 'Supremacy'
all members are equal, and only 'adimistrators' may have the last word, unless any rules are breeched

7 ) SMS style typing and deliberate mistakes must be avoided.
Everybody must be able to understand what you write, so put maximum care in your English.

8 ) Always do a search before posting.
A search should be done to see if your questions and ideas have not been already posted.

9 ) Your tilte must always relate to your post.
Titles such as 'urgent' 'sos' 'help now!' will not be tolerated. Captitals must also be avoided.

10 ) Always be clear and accurate with your questions and statements
everybody should have ease reading and understanding your post.

11 ) Never use capitals and bold in a post
these are reserved for moderators, you may use them in the 'caresheets' and 'animal conservation' sections Only.

12 ) Avoid posting twice on one topic.
only post twice as a 'bump' after a 24 hour partition.

13 ) Never post single word answers or single smileys.
this classes as flooding a type of 'spam' which breaks '4)'

14 ) There is to be no advertising of any sort.
unless of course kept within the 'trade' and 'animal conservation' sections.
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General Rules
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